The Intro Screen!


Oooooh looks we have a sneak peek (always wanted to use that expression ^^)


Click to see it BIGGER :D


Ai Juuuuu que legal!
Vou poder jogar???

Hellooooo! As you write your blog in english, I feel like I can comment in english hahahah! Please, finish the game asap. Hubby is now starting to really overwhelm me asking all the time when it is going to be ready...anyway, I just want to say how proud I am of you and your talent, and I hope I can see it ready soon! Unfortunately I didn't come across any brazilians that understand squat about what you do to show you off(yes, I do show you off a lot!), but I am showing you off to other people, and most of them are game addicts!
xxxxxxx luv ya!

vaquinha, you made my day!!! :')

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