Ay, Caramba! The Soundtrack


YEEEEEAH the game soundtrack is DONE!!!

And yes, the game is called Ay, Caramba!, no more secrets. I know, it's a pretty silly name, but I didn't have any better idea. So, this is it!


Click and download track by track!

Full Album - 7.3mb

Download the entire album in a single archive!

All songs were made with Ableton Live 7 and Magical 8-bit Plug ;)

Free MP3s on Last.fm

Now you can listen and download some of this songs for free on Last.Fm. If you go there, you'll find a bonus track. ;)


Nossa muito bacana jujuqui :D
já virei fã!

Show de bola, Ju!!
Parabéns, ficou muito bacana, aliás, vou querer jogar o "Ay, Caramba!", hein!

ficou bom hein.... mto bom =D


Eu gostei do nome! Só quero jogar depois hein!?
E a trilha, dá pra disponibilizar?

Ok, a URL está funcionando... foi só um chrome fail aqui!

Well I found this on Digg, and I like it so I dugg it!

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