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Now with a Plot!


December 21, 2012. We're in the middle of the National Championship of lucha libre. First round of the first fight in El Luchador's career, and he's scared as hell. Being luchador was always his dream, but his deepest fear is... to take a beating. The fight is against the actual champion, the feared (and unbeaten) Infierno Púrpura. The arena is full, there's no space for any more people, the bets are in. It's the fight of the year, of the century, of the millenium! And possibly the last one, since the Maya calendar says the world ends today!

The battle begins!!! Still in the early seconds, El Luchador is taken by a stroke right in the face, and everything gets dark...

Uh oh!


SO! :D

I've recently discovered that my deadline looks more like DEAD than LINE. I have 8-10 weeks to deliver my project and, yes, I'm desperate.

Since April, the last time I posted here, I've done nothing. At all. But, with my time almost over, I've decided to do something, you know? Starting with this layout. Do you like it? I do. Still not the final version, but slowly we get there. (Oh, it's not done yet, as you can see :P) It's done! :D

I'll not promise daily updates, but in the nexts 8-10 weeks you'll see a lot more stuff here.


Descobri recentemente que a minha deadline está mais para DEAD do que LINE. Eu tenho 8-10 semanas pra entregar meu TCC e, sim, estou desesperada.

Desde abril, a última vez que postei aqui, eu não fia mais nada. Mas, com meu tempo quase no fim, decidi me mexer, né? Começando com esse layout. Gostou? Eu gostei. Ainda não é a versão final, mas devagar a gente chega lá. (Ah, não tá pronto ainda, como você pode notar :P) Tá pronto! :D

Não prometo atualizações diárias, mas nas próximas 8-10 semanas vocês verão muito mais coisas aqui.