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Evolution of a walk


First, let me introduce the character, El Luchador! Poor man, I didn’t create a personality for him yet. But we have a body, and a body that moves! He ended up with skinny legs, but I think it’s more charming, and you? Here we have him in a bigger size:

el_luchador.png “Hello, world!”

And now, my attempts to make him do the catwalk, in the right size I want for the character:

luchador_andando1.gif 1st attempt - FAIL!!!

luchador_andando2.gif 2nd attempt - Not bad, but far from good.

luchador_andando3.gif 3rd attempt - Hm, yeah! It works!! It’s aliiiiveeee!!!

luchador_respirando.gif Bonus: winking and breathing. Awww, cute!

That’s all for now. I must do the others tasks of my homework. :P



Starting the blog. As you can see, it doesn't have any style, and the title is totally provisory. It's almost everything undefined, but the deadline. I have till the end of this year to deliver my project – it seems far, but I picked a hard way to graduate, so, I'm starting to desperate (instead of starting to do something concrete ¬¬).

Presenting the hard way

So, I decided to do a game as final project on college. In flash. And pixel art. Yeah, it's madness, I know (you'll see). But I spent this 4 years doing average works, so, why don't finish my college doing something which can make me really proud (and others jealous :D)?


Talk to my teacher, write a sinopsis for the game, pick a name. Create a logo, buy a domain. Turn this thing into serious deal.

On future posts I'll bring here some stuff I already made – sketches, little animations, ideas, etc.

See you on the next level! o/